13 Unique Boy Gecko Names for Your Pet

Geckos are cool reptiles, and some people find it hard to come up with creative names for them. If you’re having a hard time coming up with boy names for your male pet gecko, I have compiled a list of 13 unique male names that will help you choose the perfect name for your new pet!

As a bonus, I’ve also added a list of 30 more best male names for geckos at the end of the article.

What to consider when naming your gecko

best male names for geckos

Quite a few things can help you choose the appropriate boy gecko name for your pet. While most of us reptile pet owners simply go with funny names or names that sound great, it’s a good idea to consider a name that actually befits your gecko.

Here’s what to consider when choosing a male name for your pet leopard gecko, or other types of geckos for that matter:

  • Color of the gecko – Pick a name that reflects the color of your gecko’s scales. If you have an albino male, for example, you might want to consider names like Albus or Saphir.
  • The gecko’s personality – Consider naming him after his personality traits. For instance, if he is often active and happy, then Romeo would be a good choice!
  • Genus of the gecko – Another thing to keep in mind when choosing pet names for males is their Latin genus (for example, “Eublepharis”). Some Latin genera are more common than others; it may help identify your gecko better if people can tell what kind of animal they’re looking at from its name alone.

For some of these naming methods, you might want to spend quite a bit of time with the pet to observe his behavior before choosing a good male name for him.

Below, I’ve listed some of the great names for boy geckos. While some names are suitable for leopard geckos, you can also use them to name other lizard pets such as crested geckos and bearded dragons.

11 Awesome Boy Gecko Names

There are plenty of names to choose from here, but do you know what they mean? Each name has an origin and a meaning. Some names come from Greek mythology, others from Japanese culture, but some just plain character names.

Here’s a list of 11 great boy leopard gecko names:

1. Leo

Leo is a good pure male name for geckos, especially leopard geckos. The name can be seen to have been taken from the name “leopard gecko” but that’s not its only origin.

Leo also originates from Latin where it means “lion.” This name comes from the constellation Leo. The Babylonian astrologers called this constellation Isiu, and they considered it a god of war.

He’s also directly related to some other famous mythological names like Hercules or Perseus (which you can also find on most lists of mythological gecko and lizard names). It definitely makes for an adorable gecko boy pet name!

2. Ozzy

Ozzy is a male name that originates from ancient English and German cultures. The name is great for boy leopard geckos, especially those that exhibit a character of being powerful, dominant, mischievous, and fun-loving.

This is a great gecko pet boy’s name because it not only sounds cool but also implies some sort of power your gecko has.

I’d recommend you name your gecko Ozzy if he is one of the oldest in your line of pets, or has a very dominant characteristic. You may even look at the morphs – if his color is the most attractive, then Ozzy will befit him.

3. Apollo

Apollo can also be a great male leopard gecko name if you want to choose from Greek mythology. Apollo was the master of many instruments, so this male name relates to music, intelligence, and entertainment. Apart from playing music, he also used his powers for healing.

In recent years, Apollo is a name that has been popularized in recent years due to the Apollo space missions of NASA. It means “bright and radiant.”

Do you think your gecko loves music? Do you think he also loves to care for others when injured? If your answers are a “Yes”, then Apollo is a great boy gecko name to call your pet lizard.

4. Prince

Prince is a name thought of by many people when they think about the ultimate prince charming. It’s not at all surprising that this gecko name has been very popular lately with some pet owners. If you have an animal friend who would make a great prince, then Prince should be on your list of male gecko names to start considering for him!

Prince is more of a personality gecko name. I’d give a royal-looking morph of a leopard gecko this name as is befitting of some rare bright blue morphs, or even a bright hue of orange.

5. Jazz

Although this is a list of boy gecko names, you can also choose from a neutral or unisex point of view. From a gender-neutral perspective, the best name to pick for your male gecko is Jazz. It is a certain style of music but is easy to pronounce and is associated with creativity.

If you don’t know how to tell the gender of your leopard gecko yet, you can simply go with the name Jazz and it will be great whether your gecko turns out to be male or female.

I’d recommend the boy name Jazz for pet geckos that have brown or black stripes on their backs and sides, running down the head, neck, and tail.

6. Leon

How much of a king is your gecko? While this name sounds great for most bearded dragons, you can also name your gecko Leon as it means “lion”. There are many variations of Leon, with this particular spelling being an Irish one

Leon has been the name of several kings in history including Spanish and Russian monarchs as well as English princes who ruled Scotland.

Choose this name for geckos that can be seen as confident but also shy at times for they strive to find their own identity while still retaining an old-world charm. This perfect balance gives them stability when it comes to friendships and romance too – something that’s common with successful kings!

7. Speedy

Speedy is a great name for your gecko if you want to call it something different. The name is great for geckos that move fast and have a long tail (hopefully before the lizard’s tail drop). It’s also great for geckos that have the ability to climb walls.

What about the meaning of the name Speedy for lizards? Some lizards are very fast, that’s why Speedy sounds like a befitting male name. Speedy was originally thought to refer to the speed of the reptile, but now some people think it may have referred to a specific behavior-running up walls and down trees in order to catch insect prey. 

What’s one cool fact about geckos called Speedy? They are known as great climbers because they use their tails like extra legs! Geckos with long tails will often climb higher than those with short or stubby ones. The tail acts almost like the fifth emergency leg.

8. Rocky

Rocky is a great boy name for different types of geckos. It will give your gecko an old-school tough guy feel and might be the perfect fit for one of our more aggressive species like leopard geckos or fat tail geckos.

If your gecko is showing signs of aggression too much you might want to consider naming them Rocky. I’d recommend you use the name for geckos that like to fight and wrestle or those with general aggressive behavior to other geckos in their tanks.

9. Scooter

Scooter is a cool name for geckos who are always on the move. If you’re looking to get more creative, Scooter can be spelled Skootcher or Skoots.

To determine if this name will be great for your reptile pet, you might want to spend a lot of time with him to see how much he rests and how much he is always on the move.

Some of these geckos are nocturnal, so to observe them correctly you might want to stay up during the night to determine whether they rest or move about too much even when they are satisfied.

Keep in mind that Scooter is more of a boy gecko name than a female one, but there are times when some people will still name their geckos Scooter even if they were female.

10. Chilli

A good male or even unisex nickname could also be Chili which would make sense if your pet has red markings like hot pepper flakes in his skin.

Leopard geckos come in many morphs, but those with red marking or spots always look great and somewhat fierce. I’d go with the name Chili if my gecko has some red hues in its morph, and also exhibits a lot of aggressive behavior.

10. Goose

Goose is a name that you can give to your gecko if it has flat, wrinkly skin or looks like he’s always got goosebumps.

An alternative is to call the gecko Goosebump simply because of the appearance of bumps all over the skin of the gecko. However, the name can also have another meaning – a pleasant effect. If your gecko gives you goosebumps every time you look at him, you might want to think of Goose, Bumps, or Goosebumps as a good male name to give him as a show of affection.

11. Geo

“Geo” could also be another great nickname for a male gecko with dark and light brown spots on its scales (or leopard morph). The meaning behind “Geo” means earth in Greek which is perfect because we all know that our pets originate from the ground!

The name Geo can also be seen as a shortened form of George, so it can make great meaning if your own name or that of your spouse is similar and you want to show affection by naming your pet companion the same – or just the shortened version of your favorite person.

12. Blue

Blue is a great name for your gecko if he has dark scales and light blue dots on his tail. The meaning behind “blue” is as simple as its color: calm or peacefulness in French, which can be interpreted to mean the perfect companion who will always have an easy-going demeanor.

You might also like this one if you have a male gecko with rich blue scales and black spots that look like they are dancing on his tail. If he has these markings, the name “Blue” will surely be perfect for him!

13. Nao

Nao is a name that originates from Japanese culture. Though it is primarily a female name, it is often used by males as well. The name Nao means “valuable” and “smart.”

Nao is also the shortened version of a person’s name that means “nobility” in other cultures such as Portuguese. You might like this one if you have a dark, medium-sized gecko with light brown skin, or with his scales typically black or dark green in color.

30 More Best Male Gecko Names

male names for geckos

If you don’t like any of the names listed above, you can also go on with the list I’ve created below to give you a wide range of options to choose from.

Sirius BlackGilderoy
Ron WeasleyOtto
Dudley DursleyLucius
Gregory GoylePercival (or Percy)
LokiEclipse (or Eclipse Jr)
SeverusRexus Maximus
Draco MalfoyBaron Von Gecko
Drake MaxwellCedric Diggory
HarrySnape (or Slytherin)

Names are a big part of parenting and raising pets and geckos are not an exception. Geckos are very cute. Their bulging eyes and smile-like faces make them a great companion to keep in your house. When naming your gecko, the most important thing is how you relate with them, or what they mean to you. Therefore, when choosing a name, just choose one that seems to fit.

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