Can Leopard Geckos Eat Fruit?

Sharing food with pets is a norm in most households. After all sharing a meal is a perfect way of bonding with family and pets. On the contrary, keeping leopard geckos as pets brings a new twist to the pet ecosystem. Unlike other pets that feed on human food, geckos survive on water and insects.

Though leopard geckos can eat fruits, they may fail to digest them. This means that should they consume fruits, it is unlikely that their digestive system will break the food down. Being insectivores, leopard geckos cannot survive on vegetables or fruits. In fact, they do not eat any kind of human food.

Despite some research indicating that leopard geckos can eat vegetables and fruit, it is unlikely that they can benefit from them in any way.

Do leopard geckos eat fruit?

Leopard gecko fruit

Unlike other geckos that survive on a cooked diet, domesticated leopard geckos thrive on live insects and water only. However, despite an inability to digest a variety of fruits and vegetables, leopard geckos can still eat a few select fruits.

What fruits can leopard geckos eat?

Some species of geckos eat bananas, peeled apples, oranges, and blueberries. The main types of fruits that should be avoided include lemons, avocados, plums, grapefruits, rhubarb among others. Despite the fact that geckos can eat fruits and veggies, it is not advisable to feed your Leo with such a diet since it may lead to ill health and a feeling of discomfort.

What will happen if a gecko ate fruits?

Pet geckos basically survive on insects. Anything to the contrary may lead to ill health. The reason why fruits and veggies are not appropriate for your leopard geckos  is that they have a shorter digestive tract.

Further, the digestive tract is only suitable to handle meat from insects. This is contrary to herbivores which have a long and acidic digestive tract ideal to handle fruits and vegetables. Additionally, the Leo’s skull and jaw can only handle meat from insects.

What to feed your Leopard Gecko

Rather than worry about why your gecko can not feed on human food, you can opt to feed them on the following insects. Most of these insects are readily available or can be bought at cheap prices.


Though a good diet for most geckos, they may be too big for some geckos. Otherwise, they are a perfect staple for your leopard gecko.

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Crickets should form the key diet for your leo. This is because they are not only healthier but easier to get or purchase.


Flies are typically ideal for small geckos. Fruit flies are easily found and can be purchased at cheap prices.

Superworms and Waxworms

The insects are rich in nutrients. You can offer them to your gecko pets weekly.

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Are there fruit diets for geckos?

Though whole fruits and veggies aren’t recommended for your gecko pets, you can invest in various commercial fruit diet available in the market. Most of these diets are not only nutritious but rich in vitamin and protein. The following are a few fruit  diets you can purchase for your gecko.

Pangea fruit mix

Pangea fruit mix is highly nutritious for your gecko pet. It combines many fruits ideal to boost the health of your pet. The diet is formulated with insects as a key ingredient. You simply mix it with water and give it to your gecko.

The base of Pangea fruit mix diet is several natural fruits. This is ideal for both crested and fruit-eating geckos. So, if you are wondering how to substitute whole fruits with an alternative diet, then the Pangea fruit mix serves the purpose.


Flukers crested gecko premium diet is a perfect diet for fruit-eating geckos. The easy-to-mix diet offers essential minerals, Vitamins, carotenoids, and other nutrients important for the health of your Gecko. The powder comes with a combination of mango, banana, blueberry, and Mealworms.

Tropical fruit 2 oz

The tropical food flavor has a combination of large amounts of insects and fruits. The gecko diet comes with probiotics which enhances stool consistency and better digestion. It has a perfect diet for omnivorous New Caledonian gecko species, gargoyle, and day Geckos. The tropical powdered food is ideal for all geckos at any stage of life. It is a revamped formula for New Caledonian geckos. 

Repashy crested Gecko

The powder is ideal for all fruit-eating geckos among them Rhacodactylus, gecko, and Phelsuma. The diet comes with all the minerals and vitamins geckos’ require. You simply add a small quantity of water to the powder and give it to your gecko.

Black Panther Zoological

Black Panther zoological is a perfect gecko diet available in the market. The crested diet combines insects and a variety of proteins. If you need a perfect veggies replacement, then Black Panther Zoological is a perfect fit. Instead of soy, whey, or pea, the diet serves as a perfect replacement for veggies.

Final Thoughts

Before offering any sought of diet, you need to understand the type of gecko you have. This is because various types of geckos have a variety of diets that suit their digestive system.

To avoid complications, just give your Gecko diet supplements available in the market to avoid risking their health. The bottom line, it is not recommended to give geckos whole fruits. Instead, give commercial fruit diet supplements highlighted in this article.

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