Ball Python: Size and Weight

Ball Python: Size and Weight

If you are considering getting a reptile pet, you’ll certainly enjoy the company of a ball python. Ball pythons are the most popular pet snake and the second most popular pet reptile after the bearded … Read more

Can Turtles Eat Bananas?

Turtle eating banana

Some turtles are carnivorous, and their main diet includes meat or flesh of other small animals. However, most turtles are omnivores feeding on small animals, plants, vegetables, or fruits such as bananas. Bananas are rich … Read more

11 Best Plants for Axolotl Tanks

The best plants for axolotl tanks may include java fern, anubias, java moss, and Elodea. If you choose inappropriate live plants for the axolotl tank, they may decompose and cause a spike in levels of … Read more