12 Great Female Leopard Gecko Names [With Meanings]

For most of us, pets are not just any animal we keep, but companions and great friends. Geckos, like any other pet, have personalities, unique points, and interesting facts. That’s why you want to name your female leopard gecko something that’s fond to you.

So, what are the best girl leopard gecko names to choose from? While the list of ideas is long, it is important to know what you’d take into consideration when choosing a name for your female pet lizard.

How to Choose a Girl Leopard Gecko Name

Female leopard gecko names

Apart from simply identifying the female geckos, names will go a long way into revealing the character and look of your gecko. The first place you want to start is knowing the differences between male and female leopard geckos.

Once you’re sure the leopard gecko is female, consider the following tips when choosing a great name:

  • Uniqueness: One interesting way to choose a name for your gecko is to go with one that’s unique – almost never heard of.
  • Consider the meaning of the name: You don’t want to give your reptile gecko a bad vibe. Great female names would mean attractiveness and beauty.
  • Origins: Think about where you’re from before choosing a girl leopard gecko’s name, because some words may be associated with different cultures and regions (i.e., naming her Paris might remind someone of France while naming her Brittany would trigger thoughts of England).
  • Morphs (colors): If you have a female leopard gecko that is multicolored (such as marble), then think about what color she reminds you of and name her accordingly.

While these are some great ideas for naming girl leopard geckos, you might want to get names that sound great and feel warm, just like your pets.

10 Female Leopard Gecko Names

Here’s a list of 10 great female leopard gecko names and what they mean. I’ve also added context to the names to help you understand the suitability of the names for your pet, including details such as the origin, and other facts.

1. Zuri

The name Zuri is of Swahili origin meaning “beautiful and good-hearted.” If you enjoy animation movies, you’ll remember that Zuri was the African lioness in The Lion King.

This name is befitting of a beautiful female gecko, especially one that makes a good companion for not only other pets but also you as the pet owner.

You can also name your female leopard gecko Zuri if she reminds you of Africa and appears as an exotic pet.

2. Aurora

Aurora means “dawn” in Latin. A female gecko with this name will be a great companion for the early morning hours, especially if you’re an early bird.

The word Aurora is also suggestive of Disney’s animated movie Sleeping Beauty. If your girl leopard gecko pet has these traits or just reminds you of royalty, then Aurora may be the perfect name choice for her.

You can even give it to your female leopard gecko if she reminded you of a Japanese fable The Tale of Genji written by Murasaki Shikibu which tells the life story and adventures of Hikaru Genji from birth until old age as he navigates his way through different levels on society while experiencing love.

3. Kira

Kira is a Hebrew name meaning “maiden, virgin”. A female gecko with this name will be timid and shy at first but affectionate as she grows older. The word Kira means shiny or purity in Japanese culture which may also give you some ideas for naming your leopard gecko pet if that’s what you’re looking for.

It is great for a female leopard gecko personality trait that would make her a suitable candidate to provide companionship when it comes time for the midnight shift or just want someone company during the day hours.

The male equivalent of this name is Kiran which means “rays of sunlight.” So, if you’re also looking for male leopard gecko names, that would be a great fit.

4. Belle

Belle is a French name meaning “pretty” or “beautiful”. The female leopard gecko with this name will be sweet and charming. This is also another great choice for the midnight shift companion.

I would recommend this female leopard gecko name for those morphs that appear unique and very attractive compared to all her tank mates.

Many people choose this name because it sounds like the word bell which means beautiful in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Arabic cultures so you can have a lot of choices if your preference lies there.

The male equivalent of this placename is Beau, which means handsome in English but could mean beauty elsewhere depending on where your language comes from, culturally speaking.

5. Hazel

Hazel is a female leopard gecko name that has a meaning relating to the hazel color. It’d suit geckos that are “shiny” or “bright”. This would be an excellent choice for those females who are not only pleasantly bright but also have great personalities.

It can also be used in reference to Hazel, the plant that bears hazelnuts and blooms around autumn time.

The male equivalent of this placename is Henley which may mean shining stone.

6. Jenny

Jenny is a great English female name that means “the fair one.” It is a great girl leopard gecko name, especially for those pets that seem to have a mild temperament. If you’ve never seen your leopard gecko fighting, then you can choose the name Jenny for them.

It can also mean young or youthful in terms of age. Henley and Jenny are both excellent choices for females who reflect these qualities.

It’s also worth noting that Henley is not a girl’s name as could be used in reference to males.

The male equivalent of Jenny would be Johnnie which has two possible origins: Saint John (John) and meaning God’s gracious gift. A great choice for leopard geckos that are owned by religious owners.

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7. Alisa

Alisa is a good name for girl leopard geckos that are always active and show great happiness. The name Alisa actually means great bliss, so it is befitting a pet reptile that’s showing signs of abundance, great temperament, health, and good moods.

There are many variations of the name Alisa to choose from. They include:


8. Maya

The name Maya is another great female leopard gecko name to choose from. It comes from the word “may” which also originates from the ancient Sanskrit language and means illusion.

This name is great for girl leopard geckos that rely a lot on body language in their vivarium, almost always appearing as illusionists. I would give this name to a leo that likes camouflaging and staying in hidden spots in the tank.

9. Melanie

Another name that I would recommend is Melanie. This female leopard gecko name originates from the ancient Greek language and means dark, black, or coal-colored.

The name is great for girl geckos that are morphed with more dark hues or patterns on their bodies as the name suggests such a coloration.

But, what morphs of leopard geckos have black colors in them? The Spotted Leopard Gecko or the Dalmatian are some of the best morphs you can name Melanie.

In addition to the dark spots on the body, Melanie would be great for leos that are more introverted and don’t like much attention from people and other pets.

10. Diana

The final female leopard gecko name on my list is Diana. This pet name originates from the ancient Roman and means divine, or goddess of the hunt.

As a result, it’s perfect for females that are in charge of their vivariums and make sure other geckos follow their lead. If you have an alpha female with this personality trait then I would recommend naming her Diana.

11. Amelia

This female name means sea of sorrow and originates from the Latin language. It’s perfect for a gecko that is shy or timid around strangers but has a bubbly personality when she knows people.

12. Lola

This female leopard gecko name also comes from the Spanish word “loba” which translates into wolf in English. As such it represents strength, bravery and leadership qualities, all excellent traits for an alpha female with territorial tendencies! Use this as one of your girl names if you notice these behaviors in your pet.

Additional Girl Name Ideas for Leopard Geckos

The female leopard gecko is a beautiful creature with many different colors, especially when she matures and becomes an adult.

Here’s a list of 42 more female names to try for your leopard gecko:

Camiel (Camilla)Nina/Ninette/Annette (Niña)
Camille/Camylla or KamilaOpalina(Ophelia)
ChristinaPetra/Petrae (Petrica)
Elvira(Elva)Ruth/Ruthy (Rusia, Ruska)
Eva/Evita (Evai, Evie)Sylvia

Do lizards respond to names?

Many people believe that pets respond to names, but what about lizards? It is a good idea to give your pet gecko a name, but it might not be true that they respond or recognize the names you give them.

It’s difficult to say if the lizard is responding positively or negatively because they can’t verbally tell you when there unhappy with their new moniker.

That makes it hard for us humans to know if we’re giving them an appropriate name.

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